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Independent Business Group is an infrastructure company within the aviation and air mobility sector. Providing services for sustainable and efficient air mobility through innovation.
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Welcome to IBG

Independent Business Group (IBG) is headquartered in Norrköping, Sweden with expertise in Air Traffic Management, Airport and Advanced Air Mobility infrastructure. Our core competence is to optimize airspace, airports and Advanced Air Mobility infrastructure from an air traffic, regulatory, technical, financial, and sustainable perspective by providing project management, area expertise and procurement support. We function both as a turnkey contractor and subcontractor. Since 2007, IBG has conducted 90 successful projects in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa and participated in an impressive number of large European and Scandinavian research projects.

Four Megatrends impacting Aviation

Four megatrends reshape the aviation industry at its core. Independent Business Group (IBG) enables customers to use emerging opportunities and build a future-proof, optimized and sustainable aviation industry.



Digitalization permeates every link in the air transportation value chain. From design of new aircraft via airspace control to passenger services. The strong growth of e-commerce leads to a large increase in transportation of goods across the globe, and on the operational side new digital innovations offer solutions for increased efficiency at the airports.



Globally, aviation accounts for about 2-3 percent of total carbon dioxide emissions.
Consequently, there is increasing pressure on the industry to reduce its negative impact on our climate. Many passengers hesitate to fly, as opinion makers advocate other means of travel and advises against flying.

Post pandemic recovery of passenger traffic


Between 2009 and 2019 air travel increased by 83 percent to some 4.5 billion passengers boarded. In 2020 this number dropped to 1.8 billion in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. Today we see a strong recovery in number of passengers globally and the estimation is that the global travelling soon is back to 2019 figures and that we in a longer perspective will have a continuous growth that will more than double the global travelling until 2040.

Alternative power sources and new technologies

Power sources, new technologies

Aircraft manufacturers are pushing innovation to find renewable power sources. Electricity and hydrogen powered aircraft will be ready for commercial use before the end of the decade. Drones with vertical take-off and landing capabilities will reshape air transportation within and between urban and rural.

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Unique drone flight to be demonstrated between Linköping and Norrköping

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National overview for a sustainable future within air mobility seminar

The Swedish Air Navigation Services Provider (LFV), Linköping University (LiU) and Independent Business Group (IBG) will plan and conduct a...
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Demonstration for Sweden’s first intercity drone flight

The European CORUS-XUAM research project has announced a demonstration in Sweden due to take place in October 2022. A flight...
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 Transition to a new Airspace Design in Qatar

One the 13th of June, 2022 with the attendance of Mr. Ahmed Al Ishaq, Director of Air navigation Services, and...
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European investment in the aviation of the future lands in Norrköping

It is now clear that Norrköping will be the node for the establishment of a European digital innovation hub (EDIH)...
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Milestone delivered in the preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022

IBG is proud to announce another milestone delivered in the preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022 here in Qatar;...
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Major steps towards improving the operational readiness of the state of Qatar’s airspace

Independent Business Group is honoured to announce that in collaboration with the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority and other stakeholders it...
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Independent Business Group is proud to announce that as a part of its wide-ranging consultancy contract with Qatar Civil Aviation...
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We are happy to announce that Mr. Ulf Rudebark has joined the IBG team. Ulf has a long background from...
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Tomorrow’s Aviation

Imagine a sustainable, optimized, and safe airspace where people and goods travel effortlessly in both manned and unmanned vehicles; a...
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