Strategic win in Dubai

Independent Consulting have together with prime contractor ENAV been awarded a contract for the integration of Dubai Controlled Traffic Area (CTA) at Dubai Airports.

Independent Consulting teamed up with the prime contractor ENAV, Italian Company for Air Navigation Services, supporting throughout the proposal phase of the project in order to deliver the best strategy to provide services to further enhance the Dubai CTA.

The objective of the project is to better integrate the flows of air traffic operating to/from the various airfields that are within or adjacent to the Dubai CTA, namely Dubai World Central (DWC), Sharjah International, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Minhad. Main tasks for this project include:

  • Airspace Design
  • Simulations
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Safety Work
  • Training Planning
  • Transition Planning

The objective is to reduce airspace complexity for Dubai CTA radar controllers thereby enabling capacity gains at the identified airports. This strategic tender whereas Independent have an important role to bring local understanding and complementary know-how to the project team, was awarded early December 2013 in the face of competition from the major international competitors in the field of flight consultancy.