New sponsorship deals signed!

IBG signed a sponsorship deal with the legendary Swedish football club IFK Norrköping on Wednesday 13th of May. The partnership deal stretches for 3 years and will strengthen the local establishment in Norrköping. This is done in the same year of the establishment of IBG’s new headquarters in Norrköping, Sweden. IFK is running the club with a wide and open view of soccer with teams of women, men and youth. IFK won the Swedish title 13 times in the last 100 years.

On the same day, IBG also signed sponsorship deal with classic club IK Sleipner, which is also a local football club with more than a 100 year old history with one Swedish title. IBG will focus on youth football in the partnership and further on IBG will help Sleipner to arrange free football school for young children from more exposed areas in the city.

IBG is glad to be a proud partner of both clubs and look forward to se children smile and grow and of course some great football in the future.

The kids are our greatest opportunity for the future and everybody should have the right to movement and develop along with friends. This is why these partnerships are extra important for IBG and our values.