Qatar contract progress forward

In April Independent Business Group (IBG) was awarded a contract by the State of Qatar to implement the Qatar Flight Information Region (QFIR) project. Since then, our team in Qatar have started mobilising the team and is prepared for all the work package kick-offs.

Over the past weeks, we have focused on launching all work packages in order for us to quickly deliver results. It is a very challenging project and we have now mobilised a team of over 40 experts, says the Management Committee Project (MCP) Director, Karim Braham.

The Ministry of Public Health announced that COVID-19 has reached its peak stage in Qatar it is important for all members of the community to stay at home and not go out except in cases of necessity. Despite these challenges the QFIR Project stakeholders have been accommodating and the project has maintained momentum thanks to alternative communication methods such as Teams. Currently, there are travel restrictions but despite this constraint IBG have been able to launch over 18 of the most time critical work packages and over 20 experts have been mobilised ready to be relocated to Qatar once borders are open.

We are only one month into the project but we are proud that we managed to get such a strong team mobilised in such a short time. We also built solid relationships with all stakeholders to ensure the project is planned and executed in the most efficient manner, says Karim Braham from the MCP.

Currently, IBG is completing the first batch of work packages and is planning to launch the second batch of work packages.