IBG completes assessment of Latvian UAS strategy

Independent Business Group (IBG) have just completed a review and assessment the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) strategies set by the State Joint-Stock Company “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” (LGS), the sole Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) in Latvia facilitating the safe, efficient of cost-effective movement of aircrafts in Latvian airspace and airports.

LGS developed and presented a conceptual view on Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) utilization, U-space organization, UAS Traffic Management (UTM) and partial integration of UAS into Air Traffic Management (ATM) system to the IBG team led by Michael Rudolph.

Michael Rudolph have an extensive experience in the UAS/UTM implementation in Dubai from his time serving as a regulator for the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). As a lead expert he managed to establish a new UTM system that now is used in Dubai and establish regulations that is being followed around the world and in Europe.

It has been a pleasure to work with IBG who provided valuable input to the plan and also arranged for a demonstration of a UTM system says Maksims. Working with this team you always can be sure that the result will be great!

The concept developed by LGS cover development 2019-2028 years period and it is expected that it will evolve over time to incorporate updates to the UAS operational environment as they mature.

All photos taken by: Kristine Limare