Need for truly ‘Multimodal’ hubs

As an aviation infrastructure company trying to involve in multimodal or intermodal transport hubs, we quickly realize how these hubs lack “multiple modes” of transport. They usually entail different types of conventional and emerging land transportation while logistics for freight transport usually involves land and marine modes of transport, and less so aviation. UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and EU’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans today seem to address and facilitate road mobility.

Why so? Because that is our current reality.

Land transport is a major mode of transport, especially in cities. And cargo shipments usually happen by trucks, trains, and ships. But at least on a city-level, drones complementing these mature modes of transport is not a distant scenario. Test flights are being conducted all around the world today and if anything implies that it will become a part of our transport systems soon. Making way for this is increasingly becoming a necessity and we need truly ‘multimodal’ platforms. This would enable coming together with other modes of transport so everyone can investigate the potential of these technologies and facilitate it constructively and synergistically, with the aim to reduce overall impacts of transport systems.

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Aishwarya Raghunatha
PhD student and Project Engineer