IBG is now certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

As part of continuous improvement work, Independent Business Group has now been certified around the ISO standards for quality management ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 9001 is a tool for effective quality management while ISO 14001 means that the company conducts efficient and structured environmental work. The certifications create a structure and processes for the already high demands on delivery within the company.

Certification of systems for quality management and environmental management requires that Independent Business Group shows a well-defined and structured approach to be able to follow up the business’s various goals and processes on an ongoing basis. A certification means an important stamp of quality in relation to external stakeholders such as customers and partners.

This is not only a proof of IBG’s way of work, but also a way for us as a company to be even more on top of our processes and internal communication. I believe that to be able to lead the way forward within air mobility and aviation; you also need to lead the way within your company to reduce the environmental footprint and make sure our deliveries are reaching high set goals in quality. The ISO certification gives us confidence that we do that.” Says Jesper Low, CEO IBG Sweden.

Meets all ISO requirements according to review
To receive the certification, the company must meet a certain number of requirements, which are listed at the Swedish Institute for Standards. A review of IBG’s management systems and processes has long been underway to see if they meet the requirements for information security.

I was entrusted by the management of IBG, that as an external project manager / advisor together with an internal resource develop an effective management system for quality and environmental management, considering customers’ requirements and wishes. The certificate issued by an independent certification body, accredited by Swedac, is proof that IBG works with continuous improvement of its environmental impact and customer satisfaction internally and in all customer assignments. During the project, the staff has been continuously trained in quality and environmental issues” says Stefan Jobs, Jobs kvalitets- och miljöutveckling

What are ISO certifications?
ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management intended for the business processes of a company or an organization. It can affect everything from how to answer the phone to how to avoid alfunctions. A management system describes how you constantly improve and adjust your business to meet customer needs.

ISO 14001 establishes requirements for, and provides guidance within, management systems in the environmental field. The purpose of ISO 14001 is for businesses to be able to continuously work to reduce their total environmental impact. The standard gives management a good tool for control over the development of environmental work.