Jesper Low

Jesper Low

CEO IBG Sweden

I believe in doing things differently, working with new technique and with my mind on our planet. My passion is with humans and building great teams and relations. I have worked with sales and marketing in different business areas and been a leader and coach for over 15 years. Year 2003 I went into the energy business and joined the e.on team. Working with customer relations and implementation of the new brand in the Swedish market. Defining processes for complaints and crisis management. The last 10 years I’ve been running my own small business with leadership coaching, sales and marketing development and company communication a long with software tools for measuring customer satisfaction. Now I’m striving for a better future, with green transports, urban air mobility, in the journey together with IBG.

Dave website

Dave Hogg

CEO Consulting & founding partner IBG

I have over 35 years operational experience within the Airport and Air Traffic Management domain. I was part of the founding team that developed the EUROCONTROL A-CDM procedures and processes and worked for over 13 years in EUROCONTROL Airport Unit responsible for development and implementation of A-CDM. I joined Independent Consulting and 2014 I was part of the group establishing Independent Business Group. I’m the CEO of all the consulting activities within the group and believe that our professionalism combined with flexibility have been one of the main success factors to our growth.

Caroline website

Caroline Schmeits

COO Consulting & founding partner IBG

I joined Independent Consulting after working over 5 years in EUROCONTROL A-CDM unit. Prior to this I was responsible 17 years for Brussels airport. 2014 I was part of the business group establishing the Independent Business Group and have since then had the role of Chief Project Officer. My main drive is to ensure that we deliver professionalism and maintain our a good service quality wherever or whoever we engage in our project teams.