Advisory Services

Advisory service does not afford the degree of safety and cannot assume the same responsibilities as air traffic control service in respect of collision avoidance, since information regarding the disposition of traffic in the area may be incomplete. Advisory service does not deliver “clearances” but only “advisory information”. (ICAO Doc 4444: PANS-ATM, Chapter 9, Section 9.1.4)

IBG advisory services should not be mixed up with an air traffic control advisory service. Instead we provide top level executive experts and specialist within a certain expertise area to provide guidance to management in order to ensure the right strategic decisions can be made in order to reach an organisations objectives.

The task of our advisors is as much to build trust as it is to build capabilities and know-how. All experts provided are vetted and background checked by IBG to ensure they come with a proven track record before being eligible to become an IBG advisor that is trusted to support our clients.