Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/ Air Traffic Management

IBG has a very large team of experts specialised in CNS ATM systems, our experts support our clients in order to establish their national CNS ATM Master plan or in any CNS ATM projects implementation.

CNS/ATM Master Plan
We support our customers Developing their national and regional Strategic Global Air Navigation system (GANS) plans in accordance with ICAO Doc 9750 and other applicable standards and practices.

IBG conduct studies of the current CNS/ATM systems, define operational and technical deficiencies, in order to establish the National Strategic Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM systems.

The CNS ATM Master plan usually covers the following areas:

  • Airspace, covering improvement related to airspace
  • ATC operations, covering improvement related to air traffic services (procedure, navigational principles etc.
  • System Engineering, in relation with CNS/ATM equipment and infrastructure.
  • Human Resource, in relation with human resource aspects including staffing levels, instructors, trainings.
  • Management, covering improvements related to management system/principles in place.
  • Others, covering improvements associated services for Air Navigations.

Our experts provide the guidance and oversight in the implementation of the approved CNS ATM Master plan including defining the specifications, costing, scheduling and conducting the procurement process for defined CNS/ATM systems, Training Academy, ATC operation, Airspace Design, etc.

CNS/ATM Engineering & Consulting Services
IBG has significant experience in Management of very complex CNS/ATM Projects in all their phases:

  • Specification of requirements to fulfill by new systems.
  • Evaluation of Offers presented by the industry.
  • Monitoring & supervising the deployment of CNS ATM Solutions.
  • Integration & Interfacing management.
  • Final Acceptance Trials and Validation.
  • System hand over.

Our expertise covers the following systems:

  • Communication VHF/UHF and HF radio sites, VCCS, Recorder, Crash Alarm and Red Telephone, D-ATIS, D-VOLMET, AFTN/AMHS, AIM, SWIM, Etc…
  • Navigation Aids: ILS (Instrument Landing System), C-VOR C-(VHF) Omni-Directional Range, D-VOR, LP DME (Distance Measuring Equipment), HP DME, NDB (Non-Directional Beacon), Etc…
  • Surveillance ASMGCS, SMR, MLAT LAM/WAM, ADS-B, PSR, SSR, MSSR, Radars.
  • ATM (Air traffic Management System, RT, RDPS, FDPS, AMAN, DMAN, OLDI).
  • Control & Monitoring ATC Automation, ALCMS, RCMS, Remote & Digital Towers
  • Datalink systems: ATN concept, Air/Ground sub-networks based on VDL2, FANS Accommodation (Front-End Processors), CPDLC, ADS-C, ADS-B, D-ATIS, D-VOLMET, …
  • Communications Transmission: microwaves, Wireless and optical fiber rings.
  • Communications protocols: (IPv4, IPv6, X.25, X400, FR, Etc.…)