IBG Consulting Services

The Independent Business Group-Sweden (IBG – Sweden) have a large expert pool that provide Consultancy Services Worldwide. Our consultancy services are focused mainly on transportation sector and we have a strong portfolio within the aviation sector. We provide a range of services on a framework or project basis. We have expertise that can manage anything from small studies to larger infrastructure projects where a Project Management Consultant and project office is required. Our clientele within transport sector covers Governments, Financial Institutions, Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers, Airlines, Port and Rail Operators and Regulators

Below is some of the expertise IBG-Sweden have provided over the years:

  • Financial Services
    • Business cases
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Key Performance Indicators
  • Feasibility Studies
    • Flow Management
    • CNS/ATM
    • Digital Tower
    • A-CDM
    • Environmental impact assessments & enhancements
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) & Efficiency
    • Training Services
    • Implementation
    • Trials
    • Total Airport Management (TAM)
    • SWIM
  • ATM Design, Procurement and Implementation Services
    • Search & Rescue
    • ATM Centres
    • CNS/ATM
    • A-SMGCS
    • Flow Management Systems (e.g. AMAN/DMAN)
    • MET
    • Digital Tower
    • Etc
  • Airport Design, Procurement Implementation Services
    • A-CDM / TAM
    • Terminal Systems
    • Airside Systems
    • Vehicle Tracking Systems
    • People Tracking Systems
  • Airspace & Procedure design
    • Obstacle / Aeronautical Survey
    • Procedure Design
    • Airspace Design
  • Safety Management & Audits
    • ICAO Pre-audits
    • Safety Cases
    • Regulatory Assessments

Our proven achievements have resulted in a continuing expanding satisfied customer base across all continents Our aim is to transfer knowledge to our clients and help them develop local capabilities. IBG-Sweden has country managers who work closely with our clients to ensure we support the customer in the optimal way and meet client satisfaction.

IBG-Sweden are always neutral and unbiased, and always promote international best practices and standards. Our experienced selected consultants come with high international experience and knowledge base and this ensures that we do not get any company complacency and effectively tailor our solutions to our customers’ requirements and needs.

Our customers include (but not limited to) EUROCONTROL, IATA, LGS, LFV, SANS, DANS, AIRNAV, DGCA Indonesia, QCAA, Singapore Changi Airport, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, Qatar Airways Group, Abu Dhabi Airport, Riyadh Airport, Dubai Airport and Gatwick Airport.