IBG Consultancy Framework (Time-based)

Independent Business Group (IBG) have witnessed first-hand the difficulties faced by our clients in the consultancy procurement phase. IBG  is now providing Consultancy Framework agreements / contracts to several of our clients.

The benefits of a well-conceived framework consultancy agreement / contract can be numerous. Once established, they allow IBG to mobilise consultants more rapidly than can be achieved under a full, stand-alone procurement process. Benefits related to time savings include the following:

  • Framework agreements / contract avoid duplication of effort.
  • Avoidance to repeat near-identical procurement processes by companies
  • Parties to the contract pre-agree on the key contractual terms (such as lists of consultants, their fee rates, and contractual terms on matters such as liability and ownership of deliverables), saving time in negotiations.
  • Framework agreements / contract enable faster consultant deployment, and we can conduct most of the contractual negotiations when there is no operational urgency.

In addition to time savings, framework agreements / contracts may include these other benefits: They may achieve value for money through establishing predetermined rates during the term of the consultant framework, i.e., framework agreement / contract consultants may offer a “discount” relative to their standard rates in the anticipation of volumes of work and commit themselves to current rates for an extended period.

With IBG’s professional and experienced pool of experts in the transportation sector we can provide expertise to meet your needs and requirements.

No framework agreement or contract is too small with IBG. We always strive to meet client’s expectations in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner but maintaining flexibility.

Flexibility is the quality of bending easily without breaking and the key to stability