Our IBG experts provide Airports & Meteorological centers modernization, we support our client to upgrade their Meteorological Systems in order to enhance the capacity of forecasting, to improve Operations & General public information and specially the warnings of meteorological phenomena such as sandstorm, wind shear, etc.

We help our costumer to improve their observation capabilities, Hazards detection, Airport displays, ATC displays, General Forecasting, Short and Medium ranges forecasting, Climate change monitoring, early Meteorological warnings, etc.

Our experts can also support our customers improving their Operational Process, Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), Streamlined workflow, etc.

IBG has a very large experience in Management of very complex Meteorological Projects in all their phases:

  • Specification of requirements to fulfill by new systems or upgrade a current one.
  • Evaluation of Offers presented by the industry.
  • Monitoring & supervising the deployment of the Meteorological Solutions.
  • Integration & Interfacing management.
  • Final Acceptance Trials and Validation.
  • System hand over.

Our expertise covers the following systems:

Airport Meteorological Systems

  • Airport Surface Observation System
  • Composite Doppler Weather Radar
  • LLWAS Low Level Wind-shear Alert System
  • Runway Oriented Turbulence Detection and Advisory system (ROTDAS/LIDAR).
  • Etc.

Meteorological center systems

  • National Sand and Dust storm Warning and advisory System.
  • Meteorological Data Processing System Second Generation.
  • Automatic Weather Observing System.
  • Helium Generator.
  • Etc.…