The objectives of Aerodromes Safeguarding according to ICAO are to:

  • Define the airspace around aerodromes to be maintained free from obstacles so as to permit safety of intended aeroplane operations
  • Prevent the aerodromes from becoming unusable by the growth of obstacles around the aerodromes by establishing a series of obstacle limitation surfaces that define the limits to which objects may project into the airspace.
  • Every effort shall be made towards finding appropriate solutions to the conflicts about the use of the national airspace and its preservation for aviation shall be the primary objective in order to promote their efficient use and, above all, the safety of intended aircraft operations.
  • The safety and regularity of air operations at an aerodrome or in a portion of airspace depend on the proper maintenance of their operating conditions, which are directly influenced by land use.

IBG experts can provide assistance to airport operators and airspace users to manage their safeguarding requirements.