Safety Management & Audit

All parts of aviation must be characterized by high safety standards and efficiency. In order to maintain one of the world’s highest aviation safety levels, continuous air safety work is conducted at all levels within IBG. External requirements, together with the increase in air traffic, place a high demand on IBG and the performance regarding aviation safety. Meeting future requirements and delivering increased flight safety is a prerequisite for IBG’s success.

The IBG team has experiences of conducting safety management and auditing in the aviation sector for over 20 years. During this time, we have been innovating and perfecting the methodology to meet the needs of our clients for cost effective, robust and transparent safety management systems (SMS). SMS includes safety assessment tools and reports, incident reporting systems, manuals, safety promotion, safety risk management, auditing as well as setting up organizations with corresponding responsibilities.

We vary our approach according to the needs of clients but normally we will conduct a high-level CBA that can later be added to detailed analysis where required, primarily through audits. We are typically contracted to undertake Safety Management, including audits and safety assessments, for operational changes supported by new technology. However, we also have experiences giving support to government policy work through regulatory impact assessment, based on stakeholder consultation around potential regulatory changes. Our approach to defining safety related KPI:s is to link these to the cost benefit analyses so that improvements in safety related KPI:s indicate that the benefits are being achieved in safety terms.